The many rooms of Schrecken's Lair:
Welcome to Schrecken's Lair, my gallery of photos, poetry and prose dedicated to my interests, hobbies and curiosities. There's something here for nearly everyone - rollercoasters, animals, F/X art work and plenty of other strange and unusal images and words. So do come on in and check out the many rooms of my "online conciousness"!
All art work and photos are the property of the owner of this site.  Use by permission only.
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NOW OPEN! G4 - The 4th Sub-basement Gallery 
Follow me as I come face-to-face with my new blackest          terror (including before and after pictures)!
          Click on the "Underworld 2" link below to enter G4
Coming soon....
All new galleries including:
Vacation and scenic photography - Places I've been down the street and around the world.
Rollercoasters - lots of photos of coasters I've ridden, including several on-ride shots.